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I have completed most of the structure of the site at this point, and am
beginning to write the individual pages. This is not going to be a short term project
so don’t expect this to be finished anytime soon. As soon as I get more pages done I
will get them posted. The one good aspect of a rewrite is that I can include the
changes from Moria (and after) without much trouble!
There is not yet a forum, but I will not start that untill I have at least basic
information on all the pages. I don't see the point of a forum when there is nothing
from the website to discuss. This new site is going to incorporate more interactive
materiel, and active content. As soon as I learn how, I am going to link to the
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will also be keeping one or two ads on the page, but only LOTRO and Xara, the
software I am using to build the page. I am not interested in making any money off
the page, or you, but active content advertising is an intergral part of web pages
today, and I want to know how to use it.
Have fun in the game, and I will post again as soon as I can.
Dor Swiftblade
Mirkwood Released!
LOTRO has released the Mirkwood expansion to great acclaim and great reviews.
Myself, I just got to Moria......and I have been totally blown away. The size, scope,
detail and complexity make it the most comprehensive and complete game
expansion I have ever seen. I have had plenty I disagreed with in past moves by
Turbine (starting with PvP, but I digress) but Moria was a winner. It has its aspects I
would like changed, but you can always pick away at any expansio. To me the total
package was a great deal for us the players.
My only problem now is deciding how long I stay in Moria before I try to breach
Lothlorien, and then Mirkwood. I really should not take too much time or I will spend
my entire life trying to make max level.